Zootopia Large Plush Nick Wilde

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Large cuddly plush
Nick Wilde is wise-cracking con-artist fox who knows Zootopia like the back of his paw
Nick Wilde is one soft and cuddly fox!
Large plush is 11" tall, ears and all!
Collect them all!

Zootopia Nick Wilde Large Plush
Character Bio
Nick Wilde is a sly and intelligent, con-artist fox with a big mouth and a lot of opinions. He’s charming and clever and always quick with a joke. Having grown up on the streets of Zootopia where most animals assume foxes are sneaky and up to no good, Nick has developed a thick fur and has become an unrepentant realist. He believes we are what we are.

Product description
This large plush fox is 11-inch tall, ears and all! Nick Wilde Large Plush’s fur is made of soft fabric, and he has a big bushy red tail. Collect all the large plush characters from Zootopia!
  • Model: 3121322

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