Disney Frozen Princess Elsa & Anna Doll Set Featuring 20" Plush

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Two favorite characters from the Disney film Frozen come together in one set (2 pcs/set)

Alundaier Princess of the Kingdom, she was brave and fearless, 1.1-minded, but cheerful clear, gentle and considerate. Anna and sister Aisha at an early age close, but for some reason they became detached from, and Anna has always been eager to work with her sister back close to childhood. When Aisha was accidentally exposed on the Diamond Jubilee of her magic, and accidentally when the Kingdom of ice and Anna break the spell to the adventure. With her fearlessness, dedication and confidence in others, Anna was determined to save the Kingdom, as well as their loved ones.

Alundaier Princess of the Kingdom. From the appearance point of view, her elegant, reserved, King of the phase. But she has been living in fear, the inner battle with powerful secrets – she was born with blowing snow magic, this beautiful and extremely dangerous. Because the magic as a child, she almost killed my sister, Anna, from Aisha closed inside itself, trying to suppress all the time growing magical powers. Diamond Jubilee, in which her magic is out of control, makes the Kingdom was covered with ice and snow. Once again, she was afraid she would hurt, escaped into the snow alone.
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